Connecting Youth Leaders With Opportunities in China

Yale-NUS College Global China Connection (GCC) seeks to provide a platform for business partnerships and international networking among youth leaders, professionals and businesses worldwide. We aim to serve as a bridge between China and the world through increasing people’s understanding about China and its relationship with the rest of the world. Finally, we will foster a greater appreciation and understanding of both traditional and contemporary Chinese culture in the Yale-NUS community and beyond. The Yale-NUS GCC was founded by Zhang Yaolin in 2014.


 Yale-NUS Global China Connection President-----Zhang Yaolin

Yale-NUS Global China Connection President -----Liao Jianglong

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Understand China Through Different Perspectives


Each year, the Yale-NUS Global China Connection organizes multiple business events: business summits, case competitions, and speakers series, all aimed at helping students and professionals learn about how to build stronger business relationships in China. We also organize a number of cultural events promoting a greater understanding of Chinese culture.  


Case Competitions

PRACTICAL EXPOSURE TO chinese-focus scenario 

Hailed as the key annual event for YNGCC, Yale-NUS GCC case competition gathers undergraduate students from universities around the world to participate in teams and create innovative solutions for business opportunities in China. In the upcoming case competition, the focus will be the start-up scene in China.

Business Summits

A chance to engage business leadership

Business summits bring together industry leaders who are steeped with personal insights and experience in the ever-changing Sino-Global business markets. With such events, participants can have enriching sessions and exclusive networking opportunities with distinguished speakers. 


Chinese Cultural Celebrations

Promote traditional chinese culture

Organizing Chinese festival events becomes an essential part of YNGCC's agenda to engage the Yale-NUS community. From Mid-Autumn Festival to Chinese New Year, we host a rich variety of events that are well-received by students, faculty and staff.

Student Exchange Trips

foster International connections

Part of a global network with more than 60 university chapters in the world, YNGCC is dedicated to building relationships with its counterparts and alumni. The exchange travel trips encourage members to build lasting relationships with peers who are interested in engaging China, and to have a better chance of seeing their positions in the organization.


People You Can Trust


Our Executive Committee is made up entirely of individuals passionate about connecting with China, and about sharing those connections with their peers.